I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Saturday, April 30, 2005


Oh wow, I just realised that my birthday is in less than a week. I'll be a whopping 23.

This is the first time that I've not been counting down my birthday to the second, in fact had I not been looking at the calendar for something else entirely it may have passed me by.

How odd.

Hmm. Maybe this is what getting old feels like. I may soon have to begin lying about my age.

Friday, April 29, 2005


I really don't think much needs to be added:

A WEST NYACK, N.Y. MAN was found dead at his computer apparently the victim of trying to keep up with too many professional forums. Childress H. Wanamaker, 54, an account executive at a New York-based new media company, died of starvation according to the West Nyack coroner's office. Wanamaker's emaciated body was found by Loraine, his wife of 26 years, who told MediaPost she had been bringing her husband meals on plastic trays for weeks, but that he never took the time to eat them.

"He was glued to his computer 24/7," she said tearfully. "He was so afraid he was going to miss an opportunity to contribute a comment or start a discussion, that he just stopped eating." She added that Wanamaker's last words were "OK Picard, stick that in your pipe and smoke it..."

"He was glued to his computer 24/7," she said tearfully. "He was so afraid he was going to miss an opportunity to contribute a comment or start a discussion, that he just stopped eating."

In what must be a record, Wanamaker was linked into to over 15,250 other community members, many of whom he exchanged notes with daily. He also contributed to 375 blogs and was expected to start an online column about the impact of interactive communications on health, when he died.

Decisons, decisions

In all the flurry of progressiveness among my fellow pre-law bloggers, I figured I'd get in on it - in a lazy way of course, I'm hard pressed to do many constructive things this far in advance of 1L. I've been thinking that I ought to get a smaller, definitely cheaper and more than likely second-hand laptop to bring to class. I probably saw less than one percent of 1Ls taking notes by hand in the classes I sat in on and as quaint as that was since I type much faster than I write it probably wouldn't be a good idea to attempt to join that esoteric minority.

I already have a laptop, a Dell 8600, which although it's served me faithfully through my legal and other (*ehem*) pursuits is a weighty beast and the thought of bringing it to class everyday makes me shudder and think of over-priced chiropractors. I've been looking here and there for refurbished small computers and I've seen some fairly good prospects but today I was generously informed by a friend that he has a line on really good sub-$500 IBM laptops. At first I was like, this sounds great, then I got to thinking, am I going to be involved in some escapade that will haunt me whenever I have to do a background check...?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The key to my law school success is right here.

I recently came across this blog (Opinionistas) and for the most part find it a pretty interesting and amusing read.

No Seriously...

This has just gone too far:

In an apparent effort to lure teens with the power of plastic, Mastercard has launched a new line of debit cards complete with American Idol season two runner-up Clay Aiken's mug across the front.

Called MYplash cards (an acronym for my plastic cash), the cards offer parents a way to teach their children about the responsibilities that come with possessing a credit card. The cards, which cost about $28 to acquire ($16.95 for the card, $11.99 for the membership), need to be preloaded with funds (minimum $10 deposit required). Racking up debt is not a possibility, as card owners can only spent predetermined amounts of money.
Some fans in the Claymaniac.com forum were excited at the prospect of having yet another method of proving their devotion to the "Measure of a Man" singer.

"Oh! That's really cool! I want one! But I might have to do some convicing [sic] to get one! I could use that my 17 birthday is in 3 months and it could be a very good present!" one poster enthused.

Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Who Knew?

I have two of the cutest dogs ever, lately though I've noticed they have odd tastes. They like mangoes. For the past few days they'll disappear for 10 or so minutes and come back with one or two mangoes which they proceed to peel and eat as if it's entirely normal. I didn't know dogs ate mangoes, I didn't know dogs could peel mangoes. I've got wierd dogs.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Photoshop Skills Needed...Badly.

Here I was thinking that I was the only person having picture issues. Turns out I was wrong, Magic Cookie and Josh are all having picture issues. Magic Cooke got her make-up on and ended up with what I'm sure is a great pic, Josh is looking like "Smiley the Crackhead", I'd have to say...right now I'm looking like a drunk or high but definitely kinda loopy criminal, you know, like one of those robbers that holds up a bank and has their ID clipped on to her jacket or summn.

Damn, I need salvation.

Oh yeah...no, unlike Magic Cookie and Josh, I'm not going to Harvard.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


To celebrate sending in my seat deposit, I went off and purchased a couple of these books about law school. I opted not to go for the ubiquitous One L which from what I've gathered is largely about this guys emotional drama or some such thing so I picked up Law School Confidential, Planet Law School II and Law School Insider.

I'm about half way through Law School Confidential and I have to say that I think it's a pretty good read. The book offers some helpful pointers and from my inexperienced eye seems pretty on point. I'd definitely recommend you pick it up if you're in the market for law school literature. It's also a freakishly easy read, or maybe I'm just saying that because I'm in the process of reading Les Miserables which, by the way, is off the chain even if it's a tad obese.

I'm looking forward to reading Planet Law School II if only to see what's inspired so many "passionate" comments on Lawschooldiscussion.org.

If anyone has any other suggestions for pre-law reading I'd love to hear them.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Never Ever? Ever Ever??

A friend told me yesterday;

   "You realise that now that you're going to be a lawyer, nobody will ever trust you again?"

Umm...no, I had actually not realised that.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Status: Negative

A while back for some odd reason I subscribed to the Blogger Status feed in Bloglines. I swear the only thing this does is reinforce how much Blogger sucks. I've yet to see a day go by when some "unexpected outage" or "rerouting error" or other random issue isn't going on. Damn, Blogger, I know y'all free but get your act together man.

Sometimes knowledge is a such a bad thing...

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The High Road

A friend of mine asks one of the professors at Emory why they've fallen 10 points in the rankings this year. Does the professor even attempt to make up a graceful excuse?

Nope, dude's like, "Oh please, those rankings are bullshit."

Ahh, refined arguments from a trained lawyer, simply...poetic.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Lil' Bit Country

I'm still on the campus of my last law school visit which turns out to be the law school that I'll be attending. I'm pretty glad I liked it, no, no, what am I saying, I loved it. I could see my broke, over-worked ass here for the next three years. The people I met were crazy cool, from the other admitted students to the folks who attend. We sat in on a Crim Law class and then a few of us had drinks with the professor who seemed quite chill. The class itself was reassuring. It was interesting (I won't mention the pre law who totally fell asleep beside me) and not completely over my head, I actually understood where the professor was going and there didn't really seem to be any gunners in the glass nor were the people he picked on out of their depth. Yes he spent a half-hour or so with them but they seemed to handle it pretty well.

I did make the unusual sighting of one girl writing her notes, I was as surprised as I would have been if she'd started writing on a scroll. Nevertheless it was quite quaint.

What I saw of the campus itself was pretty great, it was really huge so I didn't see all of it and no one could think of any reasons to go on or even close to the undergrad campus, oddly enough neither could I, I feel so been there done that, feeling a little old too to tell you the truth. On my way in I meant some high school students who were in for the UG admitted students weekend which was also this weekend, really made me feel old thinking, "damn that was me 7 years ago".

Ah well folk, it's morning time, I'm going to pop my dentures in, wack my hip back into place and hobble on over to breakfast.

I'll be back on my island with my shitty internet connection soon so regular reading and posting will resume.

Monday, April 11, 2005


If I did this right, I'll have changed my atom.xml feed to full feed. After messing around with my settings I realised I had it on partial feed. Since it annoys me to read most blogs out of bloglines (slow ass connection you understand), I figured it'd be good to offer the two other people that read my blog that option. :).

I finally wrote the check for my first tuition deposit. I haven't mailed it off yet but it's pretty exciting. I was forced to double check the due date on the deposit when I received an email from Case and Santa Clara today basically telling me that my offers had been rescinded because I'd missed the deadlines. I did a quick shiver because I had sworn that Case at least had an April 15 deadline. Ouch. At least Narkoleptik U has an April 15 deadline cuz I'd be on my way to the subway to get run over by a pissed off A train.

It feels kind of odd now, all the waiting is basically over, got into law school, got some of the money, waiting for housing somehow doesn't get my adrenaline pumping as much. Good stuff though, good stuff. I'm pretty glad it's all over. I'm also considering doing on-campus housing - at least for the first year, does that make me a super dork, it seems as if everyone's looking for apartments and other grown up options.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Quick Update

My posting's been non-existent because I've been in NYC spending
ridiculous amounts of money the way you tend to do in New York.
Really, why can't you catch up with friends at the park (free) instead
of at a bar (bloodsuckers)? Oh well, I guess I'll never know the
answer to that one.

On Law School news, happily when I contacted my highest ranked school
today they had a great financial aid package for me. I'll have to take
some loans out but all in all I'll end up with less than 50K debt
after law school which is pretty great for me. Of course less is
always more but I was thinking I'd end up in the 100K debt range. I'm
so happy.

Also, in keeping with other bloggers, I think I'll keep the name of my
school on the DL for now, I may eventually change it but for now I'll
stick with the anonymity.