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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Guilty Conscience

I had a great dinner tonight - Thai - one of my favorite kinds of food. The thing is the service was B-A-D. So we did what any annoyed person did, we left a small tip. I feel a tad guilty just b/c I'm generally a generous tipper, but not that guilty when I think about the service. I just wish I could tell them that the only reason they got a small tip was because of the service, not b/c we're cheap tippers. So, I think bills should come with a little box for comments, or a little multiple choice section, kinda like this:

Choose one of the following reasons for your tip amount:

A. The food was horrible, you're on the way to the pharmacy to pick up some pepto-bismal (sp?)
B. The food was horrible and on your way to the pharmacy you'd like to run over your waiter
C. The food was great, but you really can't afford to tip more, you'll be back when you get a real job.
D. The food was great, but the service sucked
E. The food was OK and the service was OK

and so on...

I think it'd be great for HR purposes and I'd definitely circle a letter if I wasn't too tipsy.