I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thought for the day

Today I received an email from a school inviting me to join in on a web-chat and notifying me off a fee waiver if I should feel inclined to apply because based on my LSAT score they think I'd be a good candidate. Now I'm pretty sure LSAC has removed me or done whatever it is they do to their databases at the end of the applying season so I can only assume that this school's had me on their list for a year. Can't say I'm all that attracted to law schools who're trying to fill up their classes based on old mailing lists -- but that's because now I can afford to be choosy.

The schools inopportune email got me to thinking [I do that every other week or so] about just how far I've come in a year. Last year this time I was filling out law school apps and reading and re-reading my statements for typos and was all in all a nervous wreck, worried that my GPA was high enough and that my LSAT wasn't high enough or that I wasn't an interest ing enough person to be accepted to law school and I'd be stuck handing out lunch-special fliers on the corner of 54th and Lexington.

Flash foward one year: I'm in law school, a pretty good one, bitching about all the reading I've got to do, worrying about not making an ass of myself if I get called on, rolling my eyes at the gunners, and wondering if I'll ever find the time to know all I need to know and have a life at the same time. All this, in 365 days or less, I've just gotta say....ain't life grand?