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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

No Seriously...

This has just gone too far:

In an apparent effort to lure teens with the power of plastic, Mastercard has launched a new line of debit cards complete with American Idol season two runner-up Clay Aiken's mug across the front.

Called MYplash cards (an acronym for my plastic cash), the cards offer parents a way to teach their children about the responsibilities that come with possessing a credit card. The cards, which cost about $28 to acquire ($16.95 for the card, $11.99 for the membership), need to be preloaded with funds (minimum $10 deposit required). Racking up debt is not a possibility, as card owners can only spent predetermined amounts of money.
Some fans in the Claymaniac.com forum were excited at the prospect of having yet another method of proving their devotion to the "Measure of a Man" singer.

"Oh! That's really cool! I want one! But I might have to do some convicing [sic] to get one! I could use that my 17 birthday is in 3 months and it could be a very good present!" one poster enthused.

Are you kidding me?