I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Lil' Bit Country

I'm still on the campus of my last law school visit which turns out to be the law school that I'll be attending. I'm pretty glad I liked it, no, no, what am I saying, I loved it. I could see my broke, over-worked ass here for the next three years. The people I met were crazy cool, from the other admitted students to the folks who attend. We sat in on a Crim Law class and then a few of us had drinks with the professor who seemed quite chill. The class itself was reassuring. It was interesting (I won't mention the pre law who totally fell asleep beside me) and not completely over my head, I actually understood where the professor was going and there didn't really seem to be any gunners in the glass nor were the people he picked on out of their depth. Yes he spent a half-hour or so with them but they seemed to handle it pretty well.

I did make the unusual sighting of one girl writing her notes, I was as surprised as I would have been if she'd started writing on a scroll. Nevertheless it was quite quaint.

What I saw of the campus itself was pretty great, it was really huge so I didn't see all of it and no one could think of any reasons to go on or even close to the undergrad campus, oddly enough neither could I, I feel so been there done that, feeling a little old too to tell you the truth. On my way in I meant some high school students who were in for the UG admitted students weekend which was also this weekend, really made me feel old thinking, "damn that was me 7 years ago".

Ah well folk, it's morning time, I'm going to pop my dentures in, wack my hip back into place and hobble on over to breakfast.

I'll be back on my island with my shitty internet connection soon so regular reading and posting will resume.