I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Friday, April 29, 2005

Decisons, decisions

In all the flurry of progressiveness among my fellow pre-law bloggers, I figured I'd get in on it - in a lazy way of course, I'm hard pressed to do many constructive things this far in advance of 1L. I've been thinking that I ought to get a smaller, definitely cheaper and more than likely second-hand laptop to bring to class. I probably saw less than one percent of 1Ls taking notes by hand in the classes I sat in on and as quaint as that was since I type much faster than I write it probably wouldn't be a good idea to attempt to join that esoteric minority.

I already have a laptop, a Dell 8600, which although it's served me faithfully through my legal and other (*ehem*) pursuits is a weighty beast and the thought of bringing it to class everyday makes me shudder and think of over-priced chiropractors. I've been looking here and there for refurbished small computers and I've seen some fairly good prospects but today I was generously informed by a friend that he has a line on really good sub-$500 IBM laptops. At first I was like, this sounds great, then I got to thinking, am I going to be involved in some escapade that will haunt me whenever I have to do a background check...?