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Friday, March 04, 2005


I remember reading an article a few weeks ago that argued that casualties of the US war in Iraq were greatly misleading because far more people were permanently maimed than were killed and there has been little coverage about the fact. This article I came across today focuses on brain damage sustained as a result of blasts.
To identify cases of TBI, doctors at Walter Reed screened every arriving service member wounded in an explosion, along with those hurt in Iraq or Afghanistan in a vehicle accident or fall, or by a gunshot wound to the face, neck or head. They found TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in about 60% of the cases. The largest group was 21-year-olds. The wound may come to characterize this war, much the way illnesses from Agent Orange typified the Vietnam War, doctors say.

This fact combined with the fact that recruitment numbers have fallen significantly since the beginning of the war will no doubt have some serious implications for the miltary. Kevin over at The Yin Blog has a pretty amusing post about the Pentagon's reaction to this "startling" news about recruitment numbers.

I've been wondering what the Bush administration's next move is going to be in Iraq. There's little indication that peace is anywhere in the near future for the Iraqis, the suicide bombers are having a field day. Saddam has been ousted so Bush can't blame him, and the Iraqis have had their first democratic election so he can't argue that all they really need is self-government to put them on the right track. I'd really love to know what the plan is, you know Plan Q or so since all the others have failed.