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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Taking the Good with the Bad

The Good: I'm back in the NYC after a six month hiatus. I must admit, I missed it, I really did so it's great to be back. In terms of family and friends it's almost like I never left. As a result of my mercurial GPRS connection back on the island I've managed to keep up with all the happenings, still, that hasn't stopped me from hogging the phone and "catching up". It's a bit nippy out, but nothing I can't handle, I had a fun time jumping up and down waiting for my ride last night at the airport since I didn't have anything warm to wear. Fun. Also as a positive my dealings with immigration and customs were quite unremarkable - just the way I like it. Seriously...could those people be ANY more bored? The only people I've seen look more bored on their jobs are toll booth operators.

The bad: I'm still chillin' (I don't use that word lightly - it's bloody cold and a storm's on the way) without one of my two pieces of luggage courtesy of American Airlines. Great. I do so enjoy the fact that the one ever that I decided to check the bag with my toiletries, they decided to play hide a seek with it. Of course, I consider myself way more fortunate than the cheerleader from Miami who came to NYC on spring break and lost a bag with three caps for her brother. I can assume these caps were particularly valuable since she was moved to tears (really), I felt kinda sorry for her...well, to tell the truth, not really. Who checks a small plastic bag with 3 caps? A genius cheerleader that's who.

I spent most of today at home - waiting for the AA people to call and watching VH1s latest countdown - The 100 Most Shocking Moments of Rock (or something like that). I really have to wonder, how many things can one station countdown. I've never yet flipped to VH1 and not seem them counting down something, and all of these countdowns always have at least two or three of the same clips and at least one mention of Kurt Cobain in some way, shape or form.

Aight, I'm out until I manage to get the time to steal another internet connection. Might I mention that high speed internet after GPRS is fairl orgasmic...yes I did say orgasmic.