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Friday, March 11, 2005

Sweet Victory

I thought I'd work on posting some of the knowledge I gleaned about the BIGLAW hiring process while working last year. I started to post and then got caught up in an email war with some SprintPCS representatives who have to be the most inefficient people EVER. Eleven emails later, I've managed to cancel my plan sans $150 penalty because I called them out on their unfair practices and promised to report them to the Better Business Bureau. It's amazing what some righteous indignation and a veiled (OK, not so veiled) threat can do to get these evil bloodsuckers to toe the line.

The timeline:

Late Fall, 2004 - I leave the US for a while and tell the morons to put my plan on the vacation plan. They say sure, no problem, hold a few minutes while we do it. OK Narkoleptik, it's done, you're good to go.

Sometime November, 2004 - I decide for no particular reason to check my PCS account online. I see they have me owing them for 2 months. I send them an email basically saying...dude...what the hell?!? They say, oh Narkoleptik, sorry for the mistake we'll fix it right quick.

Yesterday, 2005 - I again decide to check my PCS account online, wanted to make sure everything was OK so I could resurrect my cell service when I hit the states from the Vacation Plan. I see I'm in arrears for almost $200. I email them, they're like oh, we don't know what's going on here, we never put you on the vacation plan. Here's what we'll do, we'll put you on the plan this morning, oh and just so you know, when we put you on the plan you'll have begun another yearly contract with us.

I say, no way, you guys are way too stupid. Cancel the contract, I want nothing to do with you. They say, Oh Narkoleptik, we're so sorry but if we cancel your service you're going to have to pay $150 because you're on a contract with us until March 10, 2005 - remember we put you on one this morning? So that said, we highly advise you to stick with us.

I got pissed, although it wasn't evident in the series of emails that I sent them attempting to rectify the situation - I was trying to polite route. When that didn't work I had to get nasty, what do you know, being nasty gets results. I'm not free of Sprint sans cancellation fee. Praises be.

Now I gotta go get a new wireless carrier, I'm thinking the only option is Verizon? Everybody else seems to bitch about the other options like T-mobile and Cingular and what not.

Oh yeah, I know none of you really needed to know that, it's just that I feel so...free!

Fight to the death troops! Don't make those evil wireless carriers take advantage of you.