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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Secret Blog

This article in the LA times that seems to have pissed off a few of the people who use Blogger. The article was lame, mos' def but the part that I found intriguing was a quote that said "The future of blogging is not about bloggers who want audiences of thousands. The majority will be those communicating with four others or so." That seems relatively farfetched to me, no doubt there are a number of password protected bloggers out there and bloggers that use other methods of stealth to keep themselves on the DL but I totally believe that there are way more anonymous and non-anonymous (I'm sure there's a better word but I can't think of it now) bloggers out there who totally want their blogs to be the hottest thing since...err...Google's IPO?

Seriously though, are there too many people out there who would love it if ten or twenty (to vastly exaggerate the number in the quote) read their blogs and no more? I gotta agree with Tony Pierce here, these people would probably choose email for their purposes.

So yeah, can any of you really say that when that statcounter passes twenty readers for the day you feel violated? You're like damn, I wish those surfers would just stay the hell off my blog! Anybody?