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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Grapes of Wrath a la Mexico

I'm currently reading (almost done actually) The Grapes of Wrath, it's really great and a surprisingly fast read. I say that because I've had the book for about four years and have never got around to reading more than 30 or so pages. I've had to start it over at least twice because I put it down for so long that I completely forgot how it began.

I decided to post on this because I found this article on MSNBC that completely and totally threw me back in the book. It's about how the adjustments in border security is having very little impact on the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants. Here's a quote from the article:
One of the men on the porch was Jesus Alonzo Camacho, 44. He and six friends had left home in Michoacan state, where they earn about $6 a day working in the fields. "We can't support ourselves at home; we need the money from the other side," Camacho said. His only plan was to slip across the border and walk north until he found someone to give him work. "Anyone," he said. "Anywhere."

Too many similarities to point out; I have few profound observations on Mexicans trying to get across the border other than obviously something else needs to be done since clearly current steps aren't working. They've also become an important cog in the wheel of US agriculture/industry so maybe it's time to come up with a more sophisticated plan than spotlights, dogs and helicopters, particularly since those can't even keep the criminals out.

Also, I'm considering getting in on this 50 Book Challenge bit, I wonder...does it work retroactively...?