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Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Good Life

Well apparently Colorado University is thinking of buying Ward Churchill out of his job.

Let me see:

  1. Write a paper with controversial opinions.

  2. Piss lots of people off.

  3. Your employer threatens to fire you.

  4. You threaten to sue employer if they fire you.

  5. Employer then caves and pays you ridiculous amounts of money to leave the job.

  6. You retire to your own island in the Caribbean.

  7. People are still pissed off.

  8. You can now say even more things to piss people off (in between sipping drinks on the beach of course).

  9. Why?

  10. Because the first time you did you got paid so much you never had to work again.

  11. Sounds like a bloody good plan to me.

Good job Colorado University. Good job.

Somebody please tell me where I can get a gig like this.