I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Friday, March 04, 2005

Dark Goddess of Replevin gives us a taste of what happens when good email goes bad. (Sorry, it just came to me) Anyway apparently the Dean of Columbia Law School published an editorial in the New York Sun and decided to send a copy to the entire Columbia Law School Alumni list. Turns out that Columbia has some unfortunate email configuration issues that ensures that out of office auto-reply messages get sent to the entire list instead of just the sender. Pissed off alums started responded and well...it just got ugly.

"Among the hard-working graduates of CLS were several lucky souls who were on vacation and had turned on out-of-office autoreply messages. Now, I just located the original message and hit "reply" (without sending, mind you!) to see how a return email would be addressed. It appears that, if one uses "reply" and not "reply all" that responses should go only to the sender. For some reason, however, those autoreplies, once they went back to the dean, were forwarded to the list. As were all the responses by all the people who became increasingly shrill as they received more and more and more email in response to the initial demands for removal...Which is why I came home tonight and discovered sixty-plus law-school related emails in my home inbox."

This reminds me of quite a few embarrassing incidents at college when a person would hit reply to sender and the email would get sent to the entire listserver. Break-ups have happened that way, scandals have been disclosed that way...

Sad, sad sad.