I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Back in a Flash

Alas my dear readers:

I shall be off to the freezing weather of the East Coast tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what sort of internet connection I'll have initially while I'm there so posting will be sporadic at best - at least in the beginning. In the meantime however, my laptop will be my constant companion and I'll record interesting events such as my strip search gracious welcome by US officials at JFK and of course things of a law school nature.

Today I mentioned to my friend who's going to be picking me up at the airport how reluctant I was to be going back to the freezing weather, the following is a little snippet of the conversation:

Her: "Oh come on, don't worry about it, it's so warm now, Spring is totally here."
Me: "Really?? Warm?? Wow, that's grea...wait, warm like what?"
Her: "It was in the 50s yesterday, it was great, I only wore a fleece."

Folks, that ain't right. If you think 50s is warm, you're crazy. The last time we had a cold front in my little island under the sun...it was about 73 and everybody was flipping, expecting snow to fall any minute now. Now, that's warm.

White sand beaches, flip flops, sweat sans the gym...aaahhh, it's a beautiful thing, I'll miss it.

I've procrastinated enough, I must go pack. Does anybody even know how annoying it is to look for your various AC adapters, USB cables and such, well knowing that you'll forget the most important one...?