I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Alright Already!

I have a couple decisions pending, well a few actually but two in particular (Santa Clara and Tulane), I don't really care about since I won't be attending but why, for instance, hasn't the University of Michigan written to tell me I'm rejected? Let's face it, I sent in my application from October...or was it September, anyway I know they got it because they said so. I know they received my information from the LSAC because they said so. As much as schools tell us that they look for the whole person and all that gooey stuff, I think it's all a lie. I'm pretty sure within five to 10 minutes of looking at an application they know whether the person has a chance of not. Why then have I not been informed of my rejection?

I know they've looked at my application, they must have, they've had it almost six months. I don't have any anomalies in my application that would cause them to need to spend longer than necessary (read: six months) going over my decision. Why then must the torture continue? I haven't even been waitlisted/deferred. Georgetown took twenty-nine (29) days from my submitting the application to my receiving a response. See: quick turnaround, I like that. I also like that I got in.

You know what, it's the post office. They're screwing me over, I'm sure it's them. Dammit.