I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Monday, February 28, 2005

There's a discussion between Orin Kerr and David Bernstein over at The Volokh Conspiracy about the roll than rank should play when choosing a law school. Orin Kerr talks about the advantages of going to the highest ranked school you can get into and David Bernstein discusses the intangible factors that may motivate one to choose a lower ranked school over a higher ranked one. Of course, when talking about lower ranked schools they refer to schools ranked fairly high overall (e.g. George Mason v Georgetown or George Washington). It would take a pretty special argument to convince one that it would make tons of sense to choose a T4 school over a T14 school.

As prior posts have indicated I'm leaning towards Orin Kerr's argument that it's advisable to choose a higher ranked school but primarily because many of the influential factors mentioned by David Bernstein. I have no geographic preferences nor do I have to worry about familial requirements and such. Also...I'm a tiny bit of a prestige ho'.