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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I regretfully decline Lord Voldemort and J.K. Rowling's offers via email to ship me a copy of "Harry Potter Book 6" for the simple pleasure of taking a quick peek at my credit card number via email. While I'm unashamed to admit that I too wait on pins and needles for the next Harry Potter release, I must admit that sending my credit card number via email leaves me a bit scared, email is so unsecure you know. If it were any other means I'd be happy to send my credit card number along to Lord Voldemort. Nevertheless, let me just say how honoured I feel to have been personally selected and invited to have access to an advance copy. Also, kudos Voldemort and Ms. Rowling on finding out my email address, my faith in magic's existence in the real world is just about revived.