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Monday, February 21, 2005

Oh Paris

OF COURSE you've heard how Paris Hilton's Sidekick got hijacked and all the info posted up on the web. I'm talking about the most recent time though, not to be confused with all the other times. Supposedly her password was conned out of her, really Paris, two brain cells to rub together? Is that too much to ask?

Unsurprisingly some people took advantage of the situation, here's what one person did:

I know how immature it sounds to actually try these numbers, but I couldn't help it. The most famous people, such as eminem, either had blocked calls or their voicemail inbox was full. Lindsay Lohan's voicemail thing was some guy saying "hi you have reached lindsay lohan's number but this is not her speaking, I'm [forgot his name]. leave a message but I don't think she will get back to you because her number was put up all over the internet." Although I don't remember his name now, after this call, it turns out his name is in Paris' address book too, so we called him, and reached his voicemail. Then we called this guy Adrien, who didn't have his last name in Paris' address book. He answered and he was quite nice, we even had a random conversation. Then we called [all without last names] Antonio, Darell, and Paris Hilton's mom. We hung up on Antonio because we didn't know what to say, Darell hung up on us, and her mom picked up the phone without saying anything but hung up. So to sum it all up, I do not think this is a hoax.

and another:

I e-mailed Adam Levine. I just had to. I love his music. I'd only call Anna K to talk to Enrique!

Paris, Paris, Paris...once more you've allowed yourself to be the laughing stock of the world via internet. When will it end? But seriously can somebody get Paris an address book...like one on paper? Although she'd probably just lose it so lets scratch that.

Oh and for the folks who actually called these numbers...y'all are seriously idle.

Note to self: Never sign up with T-Mobile.