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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Now isn’t this peachy? Companies can now see all the crap I do on the internet while I should be working and then bill me for it?? Seriously, does anybody know how many law school apps and LSAT practice tests I did at work? When did the world become so mercenary? Doesn't everybody know that one of the fundamental perks of having a job is so you can use your company's resources? I don't think I want to work in a world where my right as a disgruntled employee to take office supplies here and there and abuse bandwidth is not appreciated and respected.

On a similar note, Kevin Jon Heller at The Yin Blog received this letter from an employee of the State of Georgia and University of Georgia Alum about his blogging during working hours, here's an excerpt:

“I find it striking that you are entitled to pursue your daily activity of "blogging" while on the taxpayers of Georgia's nickel. This website, replete with sarcastic and juvenile attacks on a wide range of things, is certainly not within the scope of "academic pursuits" required of those employed by the University System of Georgia during their daily work…I do find an enormous conflict with your performance of this habit [blogging] while "riding the clock" of the University System of Georgia and the salary it provides for you through taxation of the citizens of Georgia. To that end, I am forwarding this complaint to both the Georgia House and Senate Committee on Higher Education, the Department of Human Resources of Georgia, the Chair of the Board of Regents, Michael Adams, President of the University of Georgia and Dean Rebecca White, Dean of the Law School. I also intend to file formal written complaints with each of these entities and will not cease doing so until this misuse of taxpayer dollars and abuse of position ceases."



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