I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Monday, February 14, 2005

Northwestern Update

Two or three weeks later, I forget the exact date, I've finally downloaded my Northwestern Letter.

Turns out the Admissions Committee, while impressed with many aspects of my background have been forced to place me on the waiting list as they have only one spot for every twenty applicants, they actually said, "one spot for every twenty applicants who apply -- is 'who apply' necessary? Anyway if I'd like to be kept on their waiting list I can return the enclosed (via .pdf of course - cheapos) document by April 15 and expect to hear from them sometime in June.

No worries, Northwestern, you won't be hearing from me. It's odd really but the rejection (my first) had absolutely no impact on me - I'm worried more about financial aid these days it turns out. Also this post by Brian Leiter today make me feel even less concerned. Northwestern is apparently, and has been for some time, haemorrhaging senior faculty. It's all a part of a new "strategic" plan which seems geared to lead to a drop in rankings.