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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just Trying to Help

I recently posted on Paris Hilton getting hacked. Let me just say that after further investigation it turns out that she didn't actually get hacked - her password reminder question is "what's your pets name?" and her password unsurprisingly was "Tinkerbell" - the name of her dog. I'm sure the only problem the "hackers" had was figuring out whether or not the password was case sensitive.

Anyway for the tons of people who've happened upon the site looking for Lindsay Lohan's voicemail or her phone number...according to the online posts her phone number was 347-596-9990. I am sure, however, that she's changed it by now but since y'all came looking I thought I'd help you out. You can't say I didn't try.

Good luck with the celebrity stalking. And if you don't get her - don't worry - I'm sure Paris' new electronic gadget will be hacked by next week. You know I'm almost starting to feel sorry for her, it must suck having your life on display like that...but then I remember that she's filthy stinking rich and the money she spends grooming her ridiculous dog Tinkerbell could take care of my law school costs and surely she could spend 30 seconds coming up with a password that someone with a hat size IQ can't guess (unless, of course I'm overestimating her IQ). So yah, no dice.

P.S. Miami stop sending me junk mail. I don't want your DVD...not 3 days after I received your catalogue and application (DVD inside)...months after I applied. Stop it. It's not funny.