I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Saturday, February 19, 2005


I've just decided that Ashlee Simpson is my idol. Now before you mock me, immediately delete all evidence of your visit to my site from your internet history and exorcise me from your minds, just hear me out.

I've always considered myself a pretty resilient person, determined, persevering and all that right. I even think I'll be able to make it through law school. The thing is, if after a few months at law school every time I entered a room people booed me or if everytime I tried to make a point a record skipped and everybody found out I was just regurgitating what I'd heard somebody else say or if 320 000 people signed a petition saying "Narkoleptik, you suck, we hate you, you're attempts at law make me sick, I'll pay you not to finish law school, you're horrible" - I've gotta say, I think I'd be forced to quit. I'd be embarassed, I'd doubt my skills, my intelligence, my...everything. I'd doubt it all.

Ashlee Simpson on the other hand, has endured all of those things, she was booed at the Orange Bowl, on Saturday Night Live she proved effectively that even though she doesn't sound particularly good after studio enhancements, she recognises that she sounds sufficiently awful in real life that she has to lip sync. She showed that she can't even be trusted to find a skip-free disc to lip sync to. She showed that in spite of 320 000 people signing a petition that effectively says that she sucks she can still lift her head up, pull herself together and go on tour to prove once more to the world that all they've been saying about her is, indeed correct. She has been referred to as "the pop-culture punching bag"; this in a world where people such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Boy Bands in general all exist. Of her myriad experiences she says:

"I've gone through a lot lately and I learned that you make your mistakes and people like you guys will always love you if you stay true to yourself,"

"People like you guys will always love [me]..." People like who Ashlee...who exactly? And let me not even address the fact that the sum of these experiences represents her being "true to [herself]...

Through all that, however, Ashlee Simpson continues to rise from the ashes.

Ashlee Simpson, you are truly one in a million. I salute you.

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