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Monday, February 07, 2005

I came across this article on SFGate.com titled, “Why Does Windows Still Suck? Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? Why isn't everyone on a Mac?” As his title suggests his main question in the article is;

"Why the hell do people put up with this? Why is there not some massive revolt, some huge insurrection against Microsoft? Why is there not a huge contingent of furious users stomping up to Seattle with torches and scythes and crowbars, demanding the Windows Frankenstein monster be sacrificed at the altar of decent functionality and an elegant user interface?"

Since I’m more than likely the only one today not at all interested in the Superbowl – this American football thing, I just don’t get it. Anyway as I’m not interested in the Superbowl I have a little free time here so I’ll answer his question from my perspective.

The reason I haven’t abandoned Windows yet is because I’ve never (knock on wood) had any problems with spyware, malware, viruses and the other gamut of Windows related problems. It’s really not that difficult to not have these problems. I’m not computer expert but I use the windows firewall, I have an anti-virus that’s on auto update and I use Spybot Search and Destroy and Spyware Blaster. All of these are auto enabled functions so they require little more effort than configuring them initially. Having configured all these programmes (yes, programmes) and not done stupid things like open random attachments from strangers or even my friends I’ve successful managed to avoid all these problems. My computer still works as well as it did when I purchased it (I’m discounting for the inferiority complex I get when I play around on newer and faster computers).

Here’s the thing, yes Microsoft sucks a lot in some ways, they take advantage of their monopoly and often slack off on cool innovations (tabbed browser anyone?) that otherwise they’d have been forced to introduce or go the Nestcape route but it’s really not that difficult to see that PC users are largely responsible for some of the issues that proliferate throughout cyberspace. Come on, are you going to tell me that in 2005 you think it’s smart to click on that random attachment that that dude you haven’t got an email from in 2 years sent you? It’s kind of like that UMiami law professor the other day who got suckered into the Nigerian Scam (and don’t think this little tidbit didn’t make me think twice about my UMiami acceptance). If you’ve had email for more than a month, you’ve probably received one of those emails and the smart ones ignore them and the ones from Citibank who want your ATM number to make sure their records are up to date? Come on people, there has to be a learning curve here. After the first 50 articles about phishing pop up on the internet – get a clue.

So you have to turn on your Windows auto update to deal with Microsoft’s slew of updates, you turn it on once and you never pay attention to it again, so I have to get an antivirus and a firewall and some spyware (all available for free) software and let them scan once a while. It’s cool, I can live with it. So Mark Morford that’s why I don’t have a Mac. I’m probably a little more paranoid than the people with Macs who’ve never had a problem at all with their OS and can continue to live in their cyber utopia but I can deal with that, what am I saying? I’ve never had a problem with my OS.

That said, since so many people do have problems with Windows and since Bill does so love to own and control everything he should probably include in Windows a good firewall (he’s working on that), good antivirus software and good anti-spyware software. Sure it’ll probably violate all sorts of anti-trust laws but that’s never stopped Bill before. A fair amount of people may bail to the Mac and let’s face it right now it’s because they’re cute, not necessarily because of the security of the OS but I don’t think Bill needs to start shopping at his local 99c store quite yet.

Oh my word, this post is way too long; I’m stopping now, with or without my point made.