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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hotmail I hate you

I've tried to convince all of my friends to stop sending me emails at Hotmail but apparently it's just too hard for them to edit their contact lists. I need some new friends.

Anyway, I'm forced to check my Hotmail once a week or so, I use MSN Messenger (via Trillian of course) so there's only so long I can ignore the list of unread messages. Somebody please tell my why at least once a day the morons at Hotmail feel it necessary to send me crap telling me about their products and services - which I'd have to pay for.

Hotmail: That shit is considered S-P-A-M, why are you sending me spam? Because I use your service (unfortunately) doesn't make it OK to spam me. Isn't it enough that your spam filters suck and I get over 100 spam messages per day? Isn't it???

Oh yeah, here's a hint, if I hate your free services so much, I will NOT be paying for more services that I will undoubtedly hate.