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Monday, February 28, 2005

Greedy, Greedy, Greedy...And Not Too Smart Either

You give these people an inch, they want a mile. The RIAA's Apple has worn us all most of us down the the ITunes Music Store. 99 cents a song, OK, I can deal with that - I've never actually bought an mp3 from them, I like having complete control over my music...however I obtain it but the possibility exists that one day I may yet give in and purchase a song for 99 cents. I already use ITunes with my Ipod it's not that big a step. Maybe.

A fledgling number of the music buying/stealing population have decided to take advantage of legal means of obtaining their music and what do the money grubbers want to do? They want to increase prices.

I'm thinking it'll be a hot minute before a significant portion of the legal converts go back to their shady ways. Good move guys, real smart. And this in a world where movie studios plan to start selling $2.65 DVDs in China to combat illegal downloading - (I think this is an excellent idea by the way...also does this mean that the rest of the world will have to start doing bootleg like the Asians do bootleg before we'll get some decently priced media?).