I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Friday, February 18, 2005

Clever, clever, clever

And now (after giving a shout out to Inter Alia), back to our regularly scheduled programming (which seems to consist of my primarily of my bitching about getting into law school and such mundane details).

I think I mentioned sometime earlier that I hadn't visited my college before I showed up luggage and all ready to give them the next four years of my life? This was largely because I didn't have the time, I wasn't in the country around that time and international travel was just too costly for me to justify it. Luckily anyway, I ended up somewhere that I really liked (if not necessarily loved) and all worked out for the best. Now with this law school thing, I'm still out of the country but I'm willing to spring for a couple visits because I feel like it's so much better to get a grip of the law school environment before I show up. I really need to make my peace with the rumors of crazy cutthroat people hiding books in the library and such.

Case Western offered a $200 travel/lodging refund, Cornell's offering me some money but I have to apply for it, so too are Washington and Lee and William and Mary for their Admitted Student Days. Great right? Not even close.

Am I supposed to believe that it's a coincidence that most of these Admitted Student Days overlap or that with the exception of Case who doesn't care that I come the free dough's only for that specific day or couple of days so I'm going to have to choose one?

Devious bastards.