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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Blogger Curse

Robert Ambrogi's Law Sites just trashed Blogspot hosting. Not unreasonably you understand, apparently when you hit the "next blog" button there's a chance that you may be taken to a page on some site that may leave you infected with a virus or spyware.

Unsurprisingly Internet Explorer - which I'm beginning to believe is the root of all evil, or most of it anyway - has security issues that leave your browser susceptible. Seriously though, Microsoft, the mass exodus to Firefox isn't coincidental you know.

Robert Ambrogi does place me in a moral quandary however, apparently, "If you use Blogger and want to avoid sending your visitors to some random, virus-infected site, stop hosting on blogspot and instead host on another server. You can find Web site hosting deals for a couple dollars a month."

Alas dear readers, while it pains me to think that I may inadvertently be sending you to a virus infected website, I must say that a couple dollars a month is a tad more than I can afford as we speak. I can however, encourage you to not click on the "next blog" link...or perhaps better for you in the long run...get Firefox.