I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Big Disappointment

Yesterday I missed the delivery of an express envelope. Of course I spent last night wishing, hoping and praying that it was an admittance package from either of my two reaches. Then I remembered that I haven't heard from two other random schools I'd applied so I kept trying to do the odds and figure out which school it was.

THEN today they re-deliver the package and my mother calls me to tell me that it's from...Cardozo. I'm so pissed! I've got their acceptance letter, I've got their Dean's Scholarship award, what could they possibly need to send me via express mail?! Oh man, sooo pissed.

In other law school news, a 1L from William and Mary called me to answer any questions I might have, I wasn't expecting the call but as I've got a ton of questions to ask the chick from Georgetown when we actually manage to speak I just flipped them over to William and Mary. In all honesty, the school and the surrounding environs sound very similar to those of my college and I'm not really sure I want to repeat that experience (i.e. small college in New England in fairly small town). I remember two interesting things though, apparently in Virginia drinking establishments can't be called bars so they're called pubs, taverns, inns and every variant of bar. I think its peaks volumes that when I asked him what there was to do in Williamsburg he started telling me about the inns and lounges (he thinks they have a Martini lounge) etc. Also apparently rent is crazy cheap in Williamsburg, of course I was living in NYC so almost everything is crazy cheap in comparison but less than $400 for a one bedroom is pretty cool.

Oh yeah, for some of my questions he'd refer me to the brochure that he says is in the mail...! Thanks dude, you rock.