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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

According to AP Paula Abdul is looking to restart her singing career, she apparently, "misses her art." Now I guess her music could be loosely termed art, in the sense that everything can be called art one way or another. Here's the thing, Paula wasn't that great the first time around, sure she had some number one hits but then so did Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice --need I say more? I can see how watching symbols of mediocrity rise to fame on American Idol may convince her to give the whole singing thing another shot but lets face it, the odds are that she'll be a horrible flop and then how's she going to look on American Idol telling people they suck when her album sold 20 copies? Oh, but wait, she likes everybody, I forgot.

Somebody stop her...Simon...? Tell her to give it up.

How is this law related you ask? Well it's a bloody crime for people old enough to have suffered through Paula Abdul the first time to have to do it again, almost as horrifying as when
Tyra Banks decided she too could be a songstress...almost.


I for one will be there to buy any new Paula Abdul album. Man, she brings back good memories to this over 30 guy. Then again, I like pop/dance music and beautiful women. Go on Paula, let's here it!

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