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Thursday, January 27, 2005

What a Difference a Catalogue Makes

I got this huge catalogue from Cardozo School of Law yesterday. Up until today I had always had Cardozo in the back of my mind as a school I'd attend. It wasn't at the top of my list but I always figured I could do much worse than ending up there. So the catalogue, it was Cardozo's attempt at capturing the community that exists there and while it did that to some degree it convinced me that I wouldn't feel comfortable there. It struck me as odd since the one commonality in all the catalogues I've seen is that they all do a fairly good job of pulling you in, this one did the total opposite. I can't really place my finger on it but Cardozo's catalogue had a chilly feel to it.

My other main problem with Cardozo was the fact that it's so young (approximately 25 years) and consequently its alumni network would be limited as well. They had this page called ClassAction which was basically the cool things that happened to their Alumni, the whole thing took up maybe 3 pages. On some level I'm comparing it to my UG which is many hundreds of years old but still, it's something to think about. But yeah...my point...the catalogue did more harm than good in my case.

Also...they should put the thing in colour, black and white is just depressing.


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