I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Sunday, January 09, 2005

This is meant to be my life in the months prior to and during law school. Yes, yes, I know it's not the most original idea but have you been on the internet? There's nothing original there and I'm not imaginative enough to think up something original right now. Have you forgotten? I want to be a lawyer! There are no imaginative lawyers out there, and I doubt I'll be the first.

Seriously though, I figured it's time I get with this whole blog thing because...well...everybody else is doing it and because for the past few months I've been eating, breathing and sleeping law school admissions. I'll tell you about a few of my nightmares if I can face them later.

As I was reading a few of the law blogs that I frequent during my law obsessed phase I realized that the vast majority of blogs all link to the same blogs. You know like Brian Leiter, JD2B.com and so on. One more point on the lack of originality that seems to infuse myself and other like-minded wanna-be-lawyer folk. In that vein, as soon as I figure out how this link thing works I'll link to some of the more popular (and interesting) blogs out there.

I'm really quite curious about how this blog is going to turn out because based on my history; this doesn't seem to be a project that I'll keep up for a long time. All attempts to write a diary have all failed miserably after a couple days. Hmm...maybe I'm just not that interesting of a person. Also for some reason every time I consider writing a diary I become infused with paranoia and start thinking about people reading my deepest thoughts and feeling exposed when I very well know that due to said paranoia I'd never write my deepest thoughts in the diary anyway. Did you get that? Was it confusing and essentially pointless? Hey, maybe I am cut out for this lawyer thing.

All that crap about my paranoia of course explains why I’ve decided to spend my free time (I’ve got lots) detailing my law school drama with you all. Is it this mythical anonymity that the internet provides that’s possibly steering me? Well yeah, that plus it’s free. I like free and who wouldn’t love to chronicle every boring moment of their lives for free in a place where people can read it if they’re bored enough?


hey, welcome to blogging ;) seems like you are doing great so far. keep it up ^^

sure a lot of blogs ends up linking to the same sites but that's really the whole point in blogging, the interconnectivity of the blogosphere. Once you have something good everyone will ends up finding it one way or another... i agree it's not that good that there're central-big-popular sites that people pay attention to more than others, but that's the way it has to be. Those sites are popular because, obviously, they did something right and people are loving them. But that doesn't mean you can't become one of them if you really have something good/interesting to say ;)
Welcome to the fun. Just because you've never been able to keep up with a diary doesn't mean you won't continue blogging for a long time. Although you may start out writing for yourself (which is essentially diary-like), you'll soon find that you're also writing for other people, and that adds extra motivation. You also may find you don't talk about the same things you would talk about in a private diary, and that's also fine. Finally, once you've started school, you may find your blog is a great outlet/distraction from that little form of madness. At any rate, best wishes on choosing a school (have you done that?) and getting started...

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