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Thursday, January 20, 2005


As expected Harvard President Lawrence Summers apologised for his statements - suggesting that women do not have the same innate ability in the sciences and math as men do - today and is by all accounts quite contrite [yeah right]. Is it just me or does it seem as if people can say any crap they want and then attempt to stave off the damage by issuing a prompt apology? How much does the apology mean when there's a 75% chance he doesn't mean it and says it only to diminish public outcry? As tactless as his statements were, I kinda wish he'd have stuck by them and tried to defend them... [you know...have some balls] but politics won out. Clearly he thought they had some merit or he wouldn't have said them in the first place. He made them in a prepared speech not some off the cuff, impromptu statement; surely he read them over at least once before writing them. After all that am I really supposed to believe that he can genuinely retract these statements and see the "error of his ways" in a couple days?

I think that to an extent he's right, numerous psychological tests (which I'm too lazy to look up and link to right now) have proven that males tend to have better spatial abilities than females off the bat. This imbalance can be erased through social conditioning so I would argue that females tend to not rise to the same levels as males in professions such as the sciences because they haven't undergone the necessary conditioning to wipe out the differences in spatial abilities etc. From an early age not as many women tend to take science classes as males - and this isn’t' at an age where ability is really discernible but since the pattern begins from such an early age then clearly more men than women are going to end up being scientists.

Slithery D has some views on this whole issue and he's looking for a fight too :). He agrees with Summers' original thesis. He's pretty disappointed no one’s taken him up on it yet.


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