I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Sunday, January 23, 2005

So yesterday I decided I’d post the schools I got into since I’m having some trouble deciding. Oh, it’s also of note that I have no idea what kind of law I want to do (except I don’t want to be poor – I can suffer BIGLAW long enough to make some money) and I have no idea where I want to be. I have no really ties pulling me to any particular location (now that I write it, that’s kinda sad – but that’s clearly content enough for another post) so I pretty much want to go to the best school that’ll give me the best opportunities.
Acceptances are as follows (in alphabetical order):

Case Western
Cardozo (lots of money)
Cornell (probably a little)
Georgetown (none)
Miami U (lots of money)
Temple (probably a little)
Washington and Lee (probably a little)

So I’ve at this point narrowed it down to Georgetown and Cornell which are similarly ranked – 12 and 14 respectively. Every now and then I think to the schools that are giving me lots of money but I’ll ignore those thoughts for now.

I’m probably going to be naïve here and say that I don’t think that those 2 points really make that much of a difference in the long run, so all things being equal which one do I choose? I think I may have to flip a coin…


I can't find the post at the moment, but I remember Carolyn Elefant saying that Cornell might not be great for networking. At most other schools, after graduation a lot of people stay in town. So if you stick around, you end up knowing a lot of other lawyers and having a good local alumni network. You also have relationships with local organizations and firms who you've worked with during the semester (internships, advocacy activities, etc.) But if you move away, these relationships don't do you as much good. Something to consider about Cornell.
Ithaca v. Georgetown is a no-brainer. I'm no giant fan of DC, but it eats Ithaca for breakfast. Law school will make you depressed and miserable enough; don't tempt yourself with Siren gorges. You'll have more connections, more contacts, more life, more job opportunities, more sanity, and more bodily integrity if you graduate from Georgetown.
Thanks y'all. I just keep thinking that Cornell has to have something going for it. The gorges are one of the reasons I opted not to go for UG!

Also one thing that admittedly draws me to Cornell is the idea of smaller classes and theoretically more accessibility to professors etc.

Oh yeah, the employment stats for class of '03 are 174/177 for Cornell - also another thing that impressed me. It looks like almost everybody I know is all for Gtown right now - that's gotta mean something!
Looks like you thought of these reasons already:

You have to decide whether you'd rather go to a law school with a small class size or large class size and in a small town or big city. Are you interested in the things DC has to offer? I think both schools will give you a good education and give you similar job opportunities. It comes down to the type of environment you'd rather live in for 3 years. My two cents about Ithaca: I like it. There are tons of beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails and at least one good restaurant.

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