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Sunday, January 16, 2005

OK, I don’t know if I’m somehow discriminating against old people…but this…is not cool. I’m all for the gift of birth and stuff but I really think it’s unfair to a child to knowingly go get pregnant at 66 years old. I can’t help thinking that in some ways she wanted to be the world’s oldest woman to give birth more than she wanted to have a kid. An earlier article here mentions that she and her husband wanted a kid for 50 years. Now I’m just saying, over the course of 50 years she could have adopted, had a surrogate mother and right now she could be a great grand mother. If she really wanted to have a child, she could have done it.

Of course it’s her right to have a child but I think when you have a child at 66 years old you deny that child so much. Although I know active 66 year olds, I don’t know that many who want to be chasing a child around, when the kid is 10 she’ll be 76 if she makes it. Is she going to be able to carry that child to football practice and stuff or will the child be stuck feeding her apple sauce as she totters around the house trying to remember where she left her walking stick?

Also as the BBC article mentions she was supposed to have twins and unfortunately one died in the womb…but seriously how would she have handled all that and what effect would it have had on those kids?


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