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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

My life or the Law, I gotta have both...I hope...

Evan Schaeffer tells a far out story about why it's important that lawyers have hobbies. It's something that I've thought about on and off over the past couple of years while working in BIGLAW. It always struck me how one dimensional the lawyers were. Of the ones I got to know pretty well, only one was able to make time to play basketball regularly. Of the others some just seemed really dull and had probably never heard of the word hobby and the rest were only too willing to bemoan the fact that since they left law school they’ve been unable to maintain an interest or active participation in whatever hobby they had had.

This has been the aspect of BIGLAW that’s scared me. The most that the majority of the lawyers seemed able to squeeze into their busy schedule was a weekend golf session with their practice group (which we all know was just another place for them to discuss business. The thing is if you listened to all these people it’s like at the end of law school you make a choice; red pill or blue pill (sorry had to say that, I’m a huge fan) anyway, the choice is between life and your law firm. Once the choice was made it was irreversible and they were doomed to become boring lifeless workaholics. I’m very convinced that without some sort of hobby or regular distraction I’d simply burn out or alternatively, be really boring which I’ve mentioned these people are in large part. I think that although there’s no question that being a lawyer is hard work, these people never really made an effort to take back a small portion of their lives. So basically I absolutely refuse to believe that it’s simply impossible to have a hobby while working in BIGLAW, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it because if it’s really impossible, I’m royally screwed.


good post. reminds me of 8 months ago for me. good luck with everything.

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