I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Monday, January 10, 2005

A little bit about me but hopefully not enough to make any of the currently non-existent people who read this blog figure out who I am.

I’m female, went to one of those top colleges where people always claim that if only we were a little bit older we’d have been ivy. We do have enough ivy on the buildings to comfort some of us.

I did decently in college. Also did decently on the LSAT (sans $1200 prep course). Could I be any more vague? My paranoid soul rests happily. (Don’t worry decently isn’t a euphemism for 2.5/150)

Seriously though, the reason I am so vague is because I have already been admitted to a few schools and my scores aren’t particularly relevant at this point and I may casually encourage friends to stop by this “blog I came across on the web” and I don’t want them to figure me out quite yet. Yes I have to troll for readers I admit it.

I thought it would be best for my chances and my blood pressure to get in my applications as early as possible, and if my acceptances are any indication, earlier is better. As for the actual application process: I did my LSATs in July 2004 and got my recommendations in to the LSAC by late August. The beginning of September I started calling my target schools to find out when they started accepting applications and filled up my little database in Excel. I then proceeded to submit all applications as early as possible. I started getting acceptances in early December so it has been a good end to a really stressful year.

Now of course I have to deal with troubling issues such as financing law school and actually deciding where to go, but I’m infinitely more grateful that these are my troubles as opposed to not having anywhere to go next year.


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