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Monday, January 24, 2005

Is It Too Much to Ask??

After reading about the ridiculous inches of snow that fell in the Northeast these past few days I couldn’t help thinking back to my college days spent in COLD-ASS Massachusetts when we’d all sit and wonder why there weren’t more really cool colleges in Florida than there are. I gotta ask…why aren’t there more highly ranked law schools in Florida? Is it to punish us (and by us I mean all of us who hate snow but want a prestigious piece of paper primarily available in the Northeast – New England to be specific)? Yes California has its share of schools but the earthquake thing isn’t cool. I’ll take a hurricane over an earthquake any day cause at least there’s some warning (knocking on virtual wood that I’ll never have to make the choice) but come on Florida, hook us up.


So true it hurts! I was just writing about this very topic; my friends are moving to FL and I want to join them, but there's no school down there to justify it. What gives?
Its funny that you would take a Hurricane over an Earthquake. Having lived through many earthquakes in cali, the slightest bit of rain and thunder still scares the hell outta us.
but the shaking man, the shaking. what do you hold on to when the earth's shaking? *shudder*

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