I've Been Admitted to Law School. The Question is...Can I Survive?


Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I should mention that I worked in a law firm for about a year. One of those top law firms in NYC where everybody makes a large sums of money which they never have time to spend. Now, the interesting thing about my experience is that the vast majority of lawyers I spoke to (I got to know a fair number of them pretty well) were all like, “don’t go to law school, you don’t want to be a lawyer, look at me – you don’t want to be like me do you?” Well, yeah I thought I did until you started telling me how much your job sucks. But if it sucks so much, how come you put on your Burberry coat, pick up your Louis Vuitton briefcase and come back at 7:00am every morning?

This is troubling; I know being a lawyer is nothing like TV – very few of the lawyers I met were cute enough to be on TV. Anyway, my point – why do all these people hate their jobs? Will I hate it too and am I just a sucker for still wanting to be a lawyer despite all this talk that being a lawyer sucks? I have visions of being stimulated by my job, you know…actually wanting to do it, not just for the money but because it’s what I want to do and because it…fulfils me.

Is this a pipe dream? Am I about to borrow 100K to pay for an overly expensive boat ride up shit creek? Should I sell all my worldly belongings (very few) and go be a tree hugger?


What I keep reminding myself (I'm a 3L) is that there are a lot of fulfilling jobs out there that, while they won't make you rich, they will pay off your debt in time. I want one of those. =)

Menagerie: Thanks for the post...I feel fulfilled.

I'd also love one of those jobs but as evidenced by these two posts: http://jeremyblachman.blogspot.com/2004/08/on-saturday-i-wrote-one-associate-said.html

those jobs may be harder to find then we think :) If these people can hardly make it on 125K as an indentured servant in a big law firm, adequate salary at a meaningful job sounds practically impossible.
I think it all depends on whether you're in the field because you want to make money, for the intellectual challenge, or to take on the world and change it. If it's the first, be prepared to slog, like a dog - it's the trade off. But if you're in it for the other two reasons, there are opportunities out there. A type of job that finds a middle ground is in-house counsel. You might want to look into that.

Law isn't for the faint-hearted, but from the tone of your blog, you aren't faint-hearted. Chin up :)

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