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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bloody Hell

I get this email at around 6:00pm my time:


Dear Narkoleptik,

The Admissions Committee has completed its review of your application for Admissions. To view your decision, please log-in through our “Check Application Status” webpage (https://www.law.northwestern.edu/form/adm_checkstatus_entry.cfm). To retrieve your decision you will need your Applicant ID Number. For your reference your Applicant ID is *****. Your decision letter will not be mailed.

**Please note: your decision will be available AFTER 6pm CST (01/28/05)**

The Admissions Committee

I could address the fact that I think it's supremely tacky of them not to actually mail the letter but I won't - oh wait, I already did when I made it bold. Anyway here's the kicker, I log onto the site about 9:00pm and they still haven't updated my status.

So basically, Northwestern is too cheap to mail letters notifying applicants of their decision even though their application fee is one of the most expensive and they're apparently too cheap to pay the people who update their site, or just don't care to reconcile the emails they send out with status updates.


--End Rant--


Argh! And it's Northwestern. So you can't even say, screw them, I don't care about their crappy school.
Well the thing is, I'm thinking that all this behaviour on Northwestern's part doesn't bode well for my financial aid package. So it may very well be screw 'em!

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