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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

As per usual, I came across one of the myriad of posts on the evils of BIGLAW and how associates are dispensable wage slaves and such on xoxohth. I’m sure much of this is true and having worked in BIGLAW it’s really quite amazing how often attorneys leave [Aside: It was always the cool ones who were going. The morons stuck around like superglue]. Anyway, while so many people bitch about the monotony of the work and all that, and how you’re basically a glorified paralegal; consider this: the paralegal you’re working with is more than likely getting half of what you’re getting to do the same work. Sure you may not have all the intellectual challenges you dreamed of as you strode around your ivy covered campuses but really, considering what you know as an associate, do you think you have that much to contribute…other than the cite checking and other grunt work of course. You’re great for the job, you were on law review, that’s what you did. Why not do it for some big bucks now? You know there’s a learning curve, so you’re at the bottom now and getting paid 125K to be, surely you won’t remain there forever – you’ll have more challenging tasks, the paralegal more than likely won’t.

Basically I’m just saying that I think people who expect BIGLAW life to be a bed of roses and start bitching when it isn’t primarily have unrealistic expectations. I don’t expect to be fulfilled my first 3 or 4 years on the job, I expect to be flush. If you hop off to Public Interest Law there’s really no guarantee that you’ll be fulfilled, you’ll still have to start off at the bottom, they’re be a numerous frustrations AND you’ll probably not be able to make your car payments on top of it. There’s no easy way folks, lets face it, we’ll have to pay our dues.

The last thing in my little rant is this; so your 125K a year job sucks, how do you think the custodians or the paralegals, or even the temp attorney’s (they’ve got the loans, the familial obligations and no stead job) feel? All I’m saying is; look for the silver lining…


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